Relax, Breathe in, Hold the breath, and Breathe out.

You’ve come a long way to get here. Your body has carried you, and perhaps somewhere along the way you’ve had a falling out. Your mind and body don’t always agree, and sometimes they refuse to talk.  You might be healing, you might have suffered trauma, you might be in pain, you might be over-stressed, you might be over-worked, or you might be all of those things together.  Your body isn’t just something that moves you around, it is the other part of the mind-body that makes you who you are.

We at Nelumbo yoga therapy assist individuals living with: chronic pain, chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, and chronic health conditions using therapeutic yogic techniques to empower their natural healing abilities.


What is Yoga Therapy? And how it can help you.

One on One Yoga Therapy

We offer highly personalized One-on-One Yoga Therapy that focuses on your specific individual needs, your conditions and your chronic issues.

Group Yoga Classes

Nelumbo offers small group yoga  for Enhancing Mood, D-stress and Restorative practices, Chronic Pain and classes  in Gentle Yoga practice.

Uniform Yoga

Uniform Yoga utilizes traditional Hatha Yoga with modern knowledge and research on Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Corporate Yoga

We understand the stress and strain the work-week puts on your body. We can help you and your team alleviate it at the source, the workplace.

What our clients think.

"I met Kelly at a time in my life when I felt like a cat on a hot tin roof. Her yoga practice, poses, suggestions and caring have helped bring me to a fuller functioning place in my life. It’s not easy. She gives lots of homework but you begin to see how it benefits you if you stick with it. I’m on half the anxiety meds I was on before I started working with Kelly. She’s the real deal! And my life is better for having met her and putting into practise her knowledge and beliefs."

− E.M.

"With my own business and two young kids, I feel like the world moves rather quickly. Nelumbo has taught me how to breathe, relax and take time to de-stress, even just for a few moments when it all seems too much. I feel as relaxed as I do after one week in Mexico after one class. It’s amazing, and I would encourage anybody to give it a try."

− Chuck C.

"Kelly teaches such an amazing class. I suffer from chronic pain and attended Kelly’s class last November. I can’t believe how much learning yoga techniques has helped me get through some very painful days. I recommend her to anyone suffering in silence everyday."

− Andi

"Kelly’s one on one sessions provides you with personalized life changing skills to live a life of balance. She goes above and beyond and truly grateful for tools tailored just for me. I recommend Kelly if you need guidance and direction just for you. I feel comfortable doing yoga now."

− Vanessa Adams

Yoga Therapy isn’t just about the body, it’s also about the mind.

We work with you, where you’re comfortable, to help eleviate your physical issues but also help you with the mental connection to your body. Mindfulness is recognized by medical psychotherapists as form a cognitive therapy based in yogic techniques.  It helps reduce stress disorders, anxiety, and helps bring the body and mind into alignment to combat physical ailments.

learn more about mindfulness, and how we use it to help you.

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